Yawning is Infectious & a Hilarious Prank

Who knew yawning was so infectious! Watch as Youtuber, Roman Atwood, travels the globe and yawn-pranks unsuspecting tourists and locals. I’m instantly sleepy as a result of viewing this.

In fact, if you have trouble sleeping, give this vid a look or two. It’ll have you yawning and probably snoozing soon thereafter.


Harlem Shake

There’s a new dance craze in town called the Harlem Shake.

Here, the UGA men’s swim and dive team take a breath-holding crack at the HS: underwater! Kudos, Speedo-clad student athletes.

This new wave of the HS originated with a song by Baauer, which spawned several Youtube videos. The top hit features a guy in a helmet, jerking his body around in a room full of people who seem less than amused.  After a jump cut, everyone joins in the  body -jerking and 20 seconds later, it’s all over.

If the Harlem Shake sounds familiar, you’re probably reminiscing about the 2001 version of the dance.  Rapper, Fabolous’s, video for Young’n Holla Back features a lil girl in a pink shirt showing her Uptown moves on the subway.  Watch for her at the 2:10 and 3:00 mark.

I admire the rhythm and skill needed to perform 2001’s HS  yet the spontaneity and randomness involved in 2013’s Harlem Shake videos have me clicking replay.  Which Harlem Shake video and version do you prefer?  Post the links to your favorites in the comments section.

A Drop in the Ocean

These lyrics are beautifully crafted. The song is deeply heartfelt and personal yet it has universal appeal.

Lyric that caught my ear: “I was a boy who loved a woman like a little girl.” Preach! That is true self awareness…realizing your shortcomings and revealing them.

Kai, the Home-free Hitchhiker

If you haven’t heard by now, the story of Kai the Hitchhiker is as some say, “The most incredible news story you will ever see!”

Kai, who’s home-free (he prefers this term over homeless) was hitchhiking and was picked up by a driver in Fresno, CA. Sometime, during their drive, the driver intentionally smashed his car into a black utility worker, pinning the victim between the 2 vehicles.

Kai, who happened to be carrying a hatchet, came to the worker’s rescue by “smash, smash, smash[ing]” his driver with what proved to be a life-saving tool.

The internet isn’t abuzz solely due to Kai’s heroism. Rather, it’s the home-free hitchhiker’s animated interview where he at times seems aloof, free-spirited, and above all a lover of mankind, the earth, and surfing: A hero indeed.

Here’s the unedited, uncut video of Kai’s interview (Warning: contains graphic language).