Billionaire Bless the Child

The DIGITALLY DEAD, HIV/AIDS Relief, Keep A Child Alive campaign has raised roughly $1,000,125.  That was incredibly hasty. I thought the fundraising was at a dismal $255,000.

It’s been a week or so since countless celebrities (Lady Gaga, Serena Williams, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Ryan Seacrest, a couple of Kardashian sisters and others) decided to give their tweeting thumbs a rest, for the sake of helping the Keep A Child Alive organization raise 1 million dollars.  The funds are to help children in Africa and India who are affected by AIDS.

Days into the campaign, fans, the general public, and the altruistic were expected to dig into their pockets and tweet digits, and then ten bucks of their money would go to help the campaign.  Or so we thought.  As early as this morning, about a week into the campaign, the funds were barely brushing the quarter of a million mark.  In a desperate dash, the rules were changed.  Anyone was allowed to donate as little as 1 dollar or whatever more their pockets and accounts could support.  But the change of plans didn’t quite cough up a penny’s worth to save the campaign.

This past weekend, Usher broke his Twitter vow of silence while the funds were at a disappointing quarter of a million (give or take a few thousand).

Skip to Monday evening.

Just minutes ago, Kim Kardashian awakened from her fatal Twitterly slumber, along with her ace boon coon (I just realized that may be a slightly offensive term or maybe not), Serena Williams.   A quick glance at the Keep A Child Alive webpage revealed that the once struggling uphill climb of funds have rapidly reached and exceeded the intended peak.  Contributions are somewhere at $1,000,125.

So what exactly happened?

Money doesn’t grow on trees and apparently not on this campaign either.  However, money usually multiplies in billionaires’ accounts.  To be exact, Stewart Rahr’s billionaire accounts.  A swift web search reveals the sexagenarian, Rahr, is in the pharmaceutical biz and ranks at number 677 on Forbes’ billionaire list.  Although, it’s probably safe to say that he is number one in the hearts of the celebrities, fans, and everyone else involved in the Keep A Child Alive campaign.  Why you ask.  That is because Rahr put the rah ra rah rah rah back into Lady Gaga’s tweets and other silenced ones by matching the funds of the campaign and helping it to surpass millionaire status in a matter of hours.

Now, for a second, let us focus on the children whose well being is the true core of the campaign err fundraiser.  Did the public’s lack of financial contribution signify selfishness or ignorance?  Or were Tweeters and co. happy to have certain luminaries silenced for the time being?  The Twittersphere may never know.  For now, social media-wise, it is all over.

Aside from finances, there’s one thing that can be said about the main focus of the once struggling Digitally Dead/ Keep A Child Alive campaign: God bless the children.  But as far as the finances go: the billionaire did.


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