I checked out one of the most riveting, myth shattering, eye opening, and self encouraging documentaries of all time.  Women everywhere and men anywhere must turn their eyes upon, America the Beautiful.

You’ll meet a young model who’s still evolving as a young lady in the modeling biz.  See what happens when her ego is fed by top fashion designers like Jacobs and Hilfiger.  Experience what happens when things go uphill, downhill, and everything in between.

When it comes to makeup do you know what you’re putting on your skin?  The next time you’re picking up concealer, you’ll think twice  about  what the manufacturer of your favorite brand is concealing from you in those seemingly trusty, go-to beauty products.

Ever spend time envying those images in fashion mags?  Your not-so healthy admiration of not-so healthy models and less than perfect images will be put to rest.  The illusion of perfection may just be shattered after watching this docu.

Don’t miss The Vagina Monologues writer, Eve Ensler, speaking about her trip to Africa and her tell-all conversation with a native woman about body image.  It is UNforgettable!

Take away this line from the film:  “Call every woman you know and tell her she is beautiful just the way she is.”


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