January Heroes

At the start of the new year, there is an aura of renewal, promise, and hope. Oftentimes we strive to embody these qualities. Yet, sometimes if we are lucky, we meet people who exude these qualities and much more virtue. It’s only when these once strangers’ stories become the common knowledge of society that we realize just how blessed new beginnings are.

In January ’09 the world was introduced to Captain Sully’s “Miracle on the Hudson.”  This courageous commercial airline pilot was able to safely land his plane in the Hudson River after a flock of geese flew into the engine and caused a mechanical shutdown of the jet.  Not one passenger or crew member was seriously injured.  Miraculous indeed.

Skip to January 2011 and meet Ted “Golden Voice” Williams.  He’s a Bed-Stuy born and bred homeless man who met his fate while panhandling on an Ohio highway.  Ted’s baritone voice has the ear-cathching quality of a radio announcer and the smoothness of rhythm and blues singer: dare I cite the late Barry White?

Ted asked generous drivers for a few bucks in exchange for an announcement of their choice in his melodious bass voice.  Areporter from the a dispatch station in Columbus recorded Ted doing his thang and posted the footage on the web.  The video hit You Tube shortly after.  In the next couple of days Ted’s video went viral and the rest is history.

If you’ve turned on a TV lately you’ve probably seen Ted on a news or talk program telling the world about his incredible journey from panhandling to public hero number 1.  Ted is humble, graceful and appreciative of his second chance at fufilling his dream.  His character is poised and his determination to live his dream is quite infectious.

Ted Williams is the January ’11 hero.  Golden indeed.


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