Viva la Revolucíon!

Long live the revolution!

Change is imminent. Change is certain.

Sam Cooke said it best, “It’s been a long time coming, but I know a change gon’ come.”

All the world’s eyes are on Egypt.  The magnitude of this revolution’s is atypical in society.

It’s seemingly commonplace for governments to widen the gap between their constituents & the bureaucracy.  It is no wonder that we the people are watching Egypt with shared sentiments concerning the rebellion against a 30-year dictatorship errr presidency.

30 years. You & I may be unknowing of the oppression felt under a tri-decade reign. Yet, glances into the eyes of protestors emit effortless empathy and basic cognizance of a people’s pain, suffering, and call to duty.

Egyptians had been waiting too long and it was time.  Cue Jimmy McMillan to announce: “The wait was too damn long! It is about damn time.”

A MESSAGE to the people of Egypt from the citizens of the world: we stand with you, we support you, we honor you. Keep peace at heart while you fight. The land is yours, the history is yours, and the future belongs to the people.


Viva la revolucíon!

(Photo Credit: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)


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