Broccoli Bucks

What’s this scruffy-bearded man doing on your screen and why is he in the news?

Meet Wayne Sabaj:  a 49 year-old man who lives with his dad and hasn’t had a job in a couple of years.  He just spent his last 10 bucks on a pack of cigarettes.  Sound like a catch?  Well, maybe you’ll change your mind.

Sabaj went looking for broccoli in his Illinois home garden and came out with $150, 000.  Cha-ching!

He discovered a duffel bag of $20 bills and took it inside his home.  Afterward, Sabaj and his father, Mitchell, alerted the authorities.  Police searched the garden and found a second bag of money, both totaled 150k.

My initial thoughts of Sabaj scoring the jackpot without having bought a ticket were trumped by security concerns.  It turns out that Sabaj believed something wasn’t kosher with the situation either, stating, ” With my luck, it would be bank robbery [money] and I’d get caught and [the police would] say I’d robbed a bank.”

McHenry County police are examining the cash for prints and the like.  Sabaj may be able to claim the money if the owner does not come forward.

You may not want to write Sabaj off as a modern day saint just yet.  He thought about keeping the money before he evaluated that crime may have been involved.  So let’s just say he is saintly.


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