Jag Mandir Wedding Extranvaganza

My admiration of Indian culture is kind of a big deal (to me at least).  Indian weddings, a significant aspect of Indian culture, are a bigger deal.  But this wedding film documenting a young Indian couple’s journey towards marriage  is the biggest deal of all!

The film, a visual delight of vibrant colors and romantic tones, conveys the epic account of love and celebration known as the Indian wedding.

Drs. Suchet Rao and Roshni Shah first met as medical students while studying in Trinidad.  The groom hails from England and the bride from the good ol’ U. S. of A.  However, the pair opted for a traditional Hindu ceremony in Udaipur, a district in the Rajasthan state of northwestern India.  The ceremony took place at the stately 16th-century Jag Mandir palace (below).

Read more about the pre production, filming, and post production process here.

Video & Photo Credits: Memories In Motion


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