Downloading 1 item: iOS5

If you own an Apple iPad, iPhone 3Gs, or a later iPhone model, you were probably among the millions of users waiting for the new iOS5 operating system to be released today, October 12, 2011.  The wait is over, finally!

I learned I wasn’t alone, as many other Applelites (Apple tech-happy consumers) were “checking for updates” all throughout wee hours of Wednesday morning and into the afternoon.  At 1pm EST the much talked about and anxiously awaited iOS5 was released.  In 2 days, the new iPhone 4s will be released.  For some of us, our current handsets coupled with iOS5 is our version of getting a new phone without purchasing the 4s.

Sharing their anxiousness and frustration during the wait for iOS5, many Applelites quoted on Twitter, “It’s like Christmas morning.”  Indeed it is.  And Apple, our techie Santa, knew just what we wanted for the holidays.

(Author’s Note: Jaded Sky would like to express our deepest sympathy at the passing of Steve Jobs.  He truly was one of the greatest innovators of our generation.  Jaded Sky was started on a Mac.  Thank you Steve.  Rest in Peace.)


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