Dear Younger Generation, We Are Sorry For Screwing Up Your Future. Signed, Older Generation.

If you’re 20-something or in college, or a recent grad, or if you’re alive on 11-11-11, you can probably relate to (or you know someone who can relate to) the “I went to college and can’t find a (decent) job/ pay back my student loans” story.  Many of my peers, myself included, know this story all too well.  If you’re the neurotic type, maybe you have trouble sleeping at night or waking up ’cause you’re so darn worried that your college degree-to-great-paying career train got derailed.

Amid your woes and frustration it’s always “comforting” when someone (usually of an older generation) offers you the “You’re not alone, it’s a down economy” line.  Too bad you can’t impart such wise words to the student loan service that’s calling, emailing, and snail mailing you a stack of bills so high, you can burn them to keep you warm this entire winter.

But hey lets not go off on a sour note.  Rather, sweeten things up a bit by reading John Cheese’s, 5 Ways We Ruined the Occupy Wall Street Generation.  Cheese, a Generation X-er kindly apologizes to Generation Y for the lack of a bright future we have yet to obtain upon completion of higher education.

So if this article doesn’t warm your “college-educated yet jobless and fervently seeking a career” heart -at the very least- you have your student loans to keep you warm.


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