Bike the City

Biking is expanding in key municipalities in the U.S., especially New York.  You may know from personal experience or dual-wheel enthusiasts that biking is the greatest way to see a city.  It provides a  sense of freedom, intimacy with your city, and control that is unmatched by driving a car, motorcycle, or plain ol’ walking.

Although cycling and its culture has exploded in NYC in recent years there are still many gripes, nicks, and kinks that have yet to be worked out.  For example, during the handful of errands I ran this week on my bike, I encountered double parked cars in bike lanes, causing me to veer into traffic, monstrous potholes capable of swallowing an entire front wheel, being doored, and the worst: no bike lanes at all.

All the aforementioned, I’m sure, are gripes that cyclists can relate to.  If you hear a cyclist groan with fury mid-ride it’s probably due to one of the gripes I mentioned or perhaps they’re biking on a steep incline.  Despite what exactly grinds each biker’s gears, I’m hoping that the folks at the transportation department can work to resolve these woes.  If not for decreased cycler groans then for increased cycler safety.

Nonetheless, my ever adventurous bike trips with all their thoroughfare complexities demand such swift resolve that my mind is continually invigorated by each passing block’s dilemma.  As the biting winter months loom, I compulsively seize autumn’s windows of opportunities to be active.  After a ride, I feel Amazonian and accomplished across my mental, physical, and spiritual states. Fierce.

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Photo Credit: LJN 2011


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