Japan Loves Black Urban Culture

I came across an eye-opening video about the presence of Black American culture in Japan.  B-style is the common name given to black culture in Japan.  This video exposes a sector of Japanese young adults who adore and aim to emulate their favorite rappers, female hip hop stars, and video girls.  The shocking aspect about this B-style lifestyle is that the Japanese celebrate a culture that is oftentimes condemned and criticized in the U.S. for its celebration of ostentation, hyper sexuality, male chauvinism, criminality, and the like.  Who knew, what one country may consider trash, is lauded as another nation’s treasure?

Author’s note: the acclaim of black hip hop culture in Japan is most likely reserved to a niche in the Japanese population.  Nonetheless, this niche of fans and emulators have made B-style apart of their everyday lives and in some cases black culture has become their lifestyles.


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