The Official SUIT & TIE VIDEO


Harlem Shake

There’s a new dance craze in town called the Harlem Shake.

Here, the UGA men’s swim and dive team take a breath-holding crack at the HS: underwater! Kudos, Speedo-clad student athletes.

This new wave of the HS originated with a song by Baauer, which spawned several Youtube videos. The top hit features a guy in a helmet, jerking his body around in a room full of people who seem less than amused.  After a jump cut, everyone joins in the  body -jerking and 20 seconds later, it’s all over.

If the Harlem Shake sounds familiar, you’re probably reminiscing about the 2001 version of the dance.  Rapper, Fabolous’s, video for Young’n Holla Back features a lil girl in a pink shirt showing her Uptown moves on the subway.  Watch for her at the 2:10 and 3:00 mark.

I admire the rhythm and skill needed to perform 2001’s HS  yet the spontaneity and randomness involved in 2013’s Harlem Shake videos have me clicking replay.  Which Harlem Shake video and version do you prefer?  Post the links to your favorites in the comments section.

Wade in the Water

Wade in the Water is a song, hymn, or what some call a spiritual.  The tune explains the exodus of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt.  Parallel to the Israelites’ flight from servitude in Egypt, Wade is also said to have been a coded song for African Americans who were escaping slavery.  Thus, the tune instructed fleeing slaves to “wade in the water” to conceal their body scents from dogs set after them by slave masters.

Sweet Honey in the Rock is an all-female, Grammy Award-winning a cappella ensemble.  Check out their bone-chilling rendition of Wade in the Water above.

Give Me Everything

I first heard Give Me Everything on a boat during a Fourth of July cruise.  I’ve been dancing to it ever since and reminiscing about that glorious independence celebration.  On Sunday night in L.A., Neyo, Pitbull, and a woman in a nude and black lace unitard performed the hit song at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.  Check out the performance here.

Author’s note: I hate to reduce the female singer’s role into “what was she wearing?!”  But her get-up made the lasting impression rather than the performance.  I gather that she knew what she was going for upon donning the costume.

Earthquakes and Baby Bumps

New York has experienced more natural disasters in one week than anyone can count.  From an earthquake, to Hurricane Irene, and a tornado watch this weekend was one to remember-even though we were all stuck safe indoors with our err loved ones.  NYC’s public transportation system-the largest in the world- was shut down by noon on Saturday and will slowly restore service on Monday Morning.

Now being indoors was okay for 2 reasons.  #1: The surplus of  food we all bought for hurricane preparedness was available and unabashedly taken advantage of.  And #2: MTV became relevant again for a few hours during its annual VMA awards.  Noteworthy performances included Bruno Mars‘ tribute to the late Amy Winehouse, powerhouse vocals from Adele, and the Carter baby bump.  Let me clarify the latter portion of the aforementioned statement.

Beyonce appeared pre-VMA show holding a baby bump a.k.a. her impregnated…uterus?  

After a show-stopping performance of one of her many love ballads she tore out of her sequined tux jacket, rubbed her bump, and flashed a dazzling smile.  The pregnancy glow radiated all over the crowd and the proud sperminator, Jay-Z (S. Carter), beamed from the audience.

And there you go NYC.  You’ll be able to tell your grandkids that you survived a quake, a ‘cane, and you witnessed the music royalty b. bump- dramatic pause- all in a week.