Kai, the Home-free Hitchhiker

If you haven’t heard by now, the story of Kai the Hitchhiker is as some say, “The most incredible news story you will ever see!”

Kai, who’s home-free (he prefers this term over homeless) was hitchhiking and was picked up by a driver in Fresno, CA. Sometime, during their drive, the driver intentionally smashed his car into a black utility worker, pinning the victim between the 2 vehicles.

Kai, who happened to be carrying a hatchet, came to the worker’s rescue by “smash, smash, smash[ing]” his driver with what proved to be a life-saving tool.

The internet isn’t abuzz solely due to Kai’s heroism. Rather, it’s the home-free hitchhiker’s animated interview where he at times seems aloof, free-spirited, and above all a lover of mankind, the earth, and surfing: A hero indeed.

Here’s the unedited, uncut video of Kai’s interview (Warning: contains graphic language).